Do you love painting your nails? Have you always wanted to get nail art? In our latest video, we went to Rachel’s favorite nail salon in Seoul and filmed the entire experience! Watch to see the step-by-step process for getting gel nails in South Korea. From shaping the nails, picking out the perfect color, and adding the extra nail art designs, the entire process took about 1.5 hours. In our opinion, the nail art that Korean salons can do is the extra special part! The manicurists are very skilled and have special tools and techniques that they use.

The nail shop we went to is called Woom’s nail (nope, it’s not Woom’s Nails). It’s located right in the heart of Hongdae and a great place to go if you are looking for a more affordable manicure with very high quality results! We’ve gone to more expensive places before and they didn’t last nearly as long as the manicures we get at Woom’s. The glue top coat they use really makes the nails last! I once went a full month without any chipping!

The total cost came out to be 65,000 won. Rachel decided to add nail art to two of her fingers, which added an additional cost from the base price of 40,000 won. Still, this price is quite affordable compared to other nail salons.

Overall, we loved the results and can’t wait to return in a month when it is time to redo our nails and try a different color and design. It’s so hard not to become addicted!

Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoyed the video!