NEW VIDEO! I’m back with another vlog. This vlog is a combination of July and August. I know it’s a bit late, but better than nothing. In my August vlog, I had the opportunity to meet YouTube twins, Q2han. I have been following them for years and enjoy their fashion and vlog content. Before meeting them, I hit up the new Urban Space in Myeongdong. There is an Urban Space in Seongsu, which I have been to many times. The Seongsu branch has a café, restaurant, and lounge where as the Myeongdong branch only has a lounge. Of course if you don’t drink alcohol, you can order a virgin (non-alcohol) beverage. Also they have a few finger food options. I had such a blast with my friend at Urban Space, and highly recommend it especially for photos. Personally I like the Myeongdong lounge branch more than Seongsu. As for the next random day, I got to chill with a friend in Sinsa. We ended up visiting Hera pop-up store while they were launching their new cushion foundation. We got our makeup done as well from a professional. The makeup artist taught me all of the new trends of Fall 2018. There are a few similarities compare to previous years, but most of them have changed quite a lot. Make sure to watch the video to find out what are these trends. Even though the weather was brutal, at least my makeup looked good. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow my channel for more beauty, fashion, and vlog content. ALSO Spanish subtitles are available.