Korean Lunar New Year!
We headed back to the countryside for Lunar New Year and it was the first time our baby had been to Hugh’s parents’ farm. It was great to get out to the countryside again and in the fresh air after being in Seoul.

Hugh’s family observe the traditional customs of Lunar New Year and do the Jesa ceremony in the morning of the Lunar New Year holiday. This is a ceremony for paying respects to deceased family members. A lot of food is set out in a certain way and big bows are done in respect.

Children also do big bows to relatives and are given money. Hugh helped Yul do a big bow and was given money from family members. Yul was a little bit small for a traditional hanbok, but he had a nice little onesie suit for him to wear. Hugh’s parents were so proud of their grandson and showed him off to relatives and others in the village.

There are definitely things we miss about the countryside but also many advantages living in Seoul. Even though the public transport is still much better than public transport in Australia, it’s still frustrating trying to plan around it in the countryside. And as you can see in the video, it’s so quiet and dark at night even just coming home at 10pm.

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