In this weeks video my Korean friend Kenny joins me for a delicious Jokbal Mukbang and some day drinking. We met up in Sindorim, not far away from Hapjeong and Sinchon and went to a Jokbal place, which i personally really like. They serve really nice Jokbal and you can even split up the Jokbal in half normal and half spicy. So that’s what we did at the end. Since I really like to have a drink or two with my guests in my video, we ordered some Beer and Soju and made some somek. Drinking somek during the day is really dangerous, be careful not to drink too much, otherwise your day will be wasted at the end. Believe me, I am speaking out of experience 🙂 kkkk

Just in case, somebody doesn’t know what Jokbal is: it is some kind of Korean Braised Pig’s Trotters or simply just Pig’s feet. It is a really popular Korean drinking food, so if you go out to have some drinks with your friends or co-workers, Jokbal (족발) is a great dish to have at the evening. In Austria we have something similar, it is called Stelze. In Germany it is called Schweinshaxe, so as a Austrian I am already familiar with this dish.

Meanwhile eating we also talked about our relationships with our wives Lara and Sujin and how our quarrels look like with them. If you remember, I ate some Dakgalbi with Lara not long ago. So yeah, Kenny is married to Lara 🙂

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P.S: I also ate some Jokbal with Yoojin and Cathy in our Korean DIY Convenience Store Cocktails video as well, if you want to watch some more videos from my channel 😀