Meet Sharif and Choha, an international couple in Korea. Sharif currently resides in Jeju island and works as an English teacher. Choha resides in Seoul and works in the intellectual property field. They have been dating for some time now and have begun to experience what it’s like being an international couple. On top of this new experience, they are also a long-distance couple, living in different parts of Korea. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop them from pursing their relationship and enjoying their lives together!

I enjoyed hearing their story as it reminded me of the story of my parents, who were an international couple back in the early 1980s. My mother, who was born in Seoul, Korea met my African-American father here in the United States, immediately after she migrated from Korea. They dated for several years and learned how to flourish as an interracial couple, during a time when mixed couples were now widely embraced or accepted. Because of my experience with my parents being an international couple, I have always been fascinated by what draws other international couples together, and what keeps them together.

I met Sharif and Choha for the first time the day this interview was recorded. We connected through the “YouTubers in Korea” Facebook group and coordinated a time to get together since both of them were planning a trip to NYC, which is minutes from where I live. We spent a fun-filled day in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and made our way back to their hotel room to film this interview. Fun fact: We ended up recording this video around 11:00pm!
In this interview style video, I ask Sharif and Choha about how they met, what they like about each other, and other questions about their experience as an international couple. I also popped a couple of bonus questions towards the end to test how well they know each other. So be sure to watch the video to see how it all pans out.
I hope that this video can inspire other international couples to continue to pursue each other and shed more light on the awesome aspects of interracial dating.