HOW DO KOREAN GUYS HIT ON GIRLS ?I was really curious about this question so I decided to go to Itaewon during Halloween with the awesome Sharoon aka Jay-G to interview Koreans themselves about how do they hit on girls. We also of course asked korean girls how they were hit on by korean guys to have a global idea and the reactions were quite interesting and really epic! Some girls said that Korean guys don’t really know how to approach while some guys said they didnt need to approach as girls approach them first.. SOmetimes girls said that you don’t really need a pickup line but you just need to go for it and talk appropriately. Please stay till the end of the video, there will be a “supreme guest” from North Korea … We then ask him also what was his move when it comes to approach a girl. But it looks like that he doesnt need either!
I think that after collecting such a diverse opinions about the topic, we can conclude that there is not a single way to do it and that everyone is different and that it all depends on the situation and the person that you meet. Cause you will always meet one person and his opposite like a girl for whom looks matters and then another one who cares about personality first.

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Thank you for your amazing collaboration Sharoon aka Jay-G !