In recent years, the amount if international couples in Korea have been rapidly increasing and we are part of it. Therefore, most of the Korean women and men, who decide to start their life with a foreign spouse, are really good at English, so they can communicate in this global language regardless of the fact is their lover is a native speaker or not.

We, on the other hand are different. I come from a very small country in Northern Europe – Lithuania, and Gyu was born in Korean countryside, so learning English was never his priority. Even though in the beginning on our relationship we had some struggles and language barrier was really hard to cope with, I did my best to learn more Korean, so we could communicate in his mother tongue.

Lithuanian, my mother tongue is too hard to learn, so we have decided that Gyu will be working on his English skills instead. Therefore, I really wanted my husband to at least know, what my language sounds like, so we made a video, where I teach him some Lithuanian words and phrases.

Some of Lithuanian words and phrases might sounds like tongue-twisters not only for Koreans, but also to anyone else who have never heard this language before. But I think Gyu did quite well – at least his accent was much better than expected!

What is the hardest thing when learning a new language? How many languages can you speak? If you were Gyu, would you learn some Lithuanian, or would it be too hard? And lastly, if you are an international couple, just like us, what language do you communicate with?