Hello everyone!

We are back with one more foreign food trying video! This time our Russian friend came back from her homeland and brought us some foods as a gift, so we decided to make a video about it. Even though many items were left out from the final video, we had so much fun making this. In our last trying video we only had sweets, but this time our friend brought us more stuff, including meat and fish! Gyu felt like he went to a foreign country and tried it there.

Snack reaction videos are really popular on Youtube and there are many similar ones already existing, but we tried to take a different approach and try some of the “real food” as well.

Also, in the final part of the video he tried not Russian, but Lithuanian cheesy snack “Sūrelis”. It is something lithuanians are really proud of, so we just decided to include it to this video, since we received few of those from our other friend.
After staying in Korea for such a long time, Agata have already started to have cravings for them, so after the video was shot, she ate half of the remaining ones 😀

Have you ever tried hunter sausages? The red caviar? Or nut-filled chocolate? What was your favorite? What did you think of Gyu’s reaction? Let us know in the comments below. 🙂

Also, if you have any questions for us or any video ideas for the future, feel free to leave a commet!