Meet Cindy Wilson, an author and a powerful woman with an awesome story of identity, cultural-awareness, and love. She was born in Seoul, South Korea but was adopted by an African-American family shortly after birth. I had the privilege of meeting Cindy during her first trip back to Korea since she was adopted.

In this fun and laid-back style interview, Cindy shares her journey into self-discovery and the challenges she has face along the way to becoming confident in herself and her cultural identity. Her parents were in the military during the time of her adoption, and soon after moved back to United States, where Cindy would quickly be considered a part of the family. She was treated just like any biological child would be treated and this would be where she would begin to develop her roots in African-American culture. She was surrounded by it, influenced by it, and embraced it as a part of her life.

Growing up in the southern town of Jackson, Mississippi, she was surrounded by people that did not look like her. Most of the black and white kids referred to her as Chinese, which is where Cindy began to have some challenges regarding who she was. Up until that point, she knew that she was part of a black family, celebrated black traditions, enjoyed black culture and so on. She never had to think twice about the fact that she looked different from those around her. But once she realized that, she had to go on a journey of self-awareness and becoming confident in who she is.

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