Our adventures of Susanne in South Korea are coming to an end unfortunately. For our last video blog we took Susanne out to a traditional Chimek Place to have some fun and enjoy some good food and booze. If you don’t know, what Chimek means, this is the short version of Chicken & Beer and is super popular for having a social dinner in the evening. Korean fried chicken is really delicious and if you are coming to Korea, you definitely have to give it a try, ideally together with some friend. If you want to boost the fun, you can “pimp” your Korean beer with some Soju shots, called somek! But be careful, you don’t really feel the stronger alcohol in the beer and suddenly before you can say cat in a hat, you are super drunk! And yes, this is what happened to me and Susanne. We finished our first Somek before the chicken, so when the chicken arrived, we were already pretty tipsy! Neitherless to say, that the evening became crazy and we even got into a Kangaroo Fight! No kidding! But of course all for fun and we hugged each other at the end 😀 Haha!

If you enjoyed this Korean fried chicken video with my Austrian friend, make sure, also to check our our other videos we made during her stay here in Seoul. We also went totally crazy enjoying Bindaetteok, also a super fun video to watch!

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