I answer some questions! ‘Nicholalala’ is the second channel connected to the MyKoreanHusband channel. In this video I answer people’s questions that were asked on Instagram. I talk about how my thoughts about Korean food have changed now that I live in Korea, what Korean fashion I don’t like, and what I miss from my own culture.

The fashion I haven’t liked in Korea in the past year has been the 90’s fashion. There has been a lot of dark colours, velvet and chokers. Since I remember these fashions from the 90’s when I was a child and then a teenager, it just reminds me of too many cringy moments! I also wonder about wearing fashions the second time they come around if you wore them in your teens? Another reason why it’s been hard to embrace crop tops. I lived in crop tops in the 90’s! Now I’m just showing my age.
It’s been a while since I’ve answered questions like this on this channel but I’m thinking about making it a regular thing. It’s also a good chance to explore some deeper topics. Though my husband Hugh is listening off camera to make sure I don’t say anything somewhat wrong about Korea. There was a question about yellow dust that I was answering him and he stopped me since there is a lot of argument about that in Korea at the moment! But he agreed with my assessment of how Koreans interaction with nature vs how Australians do.
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