Hey! Not your average Korean apartment tour 🙂

Welcome to my Korean apartment tour. Korean apartment tours have become a trend on Youtube among foreigners living in Korea, so I wanted to put a creative twist to mine to make it a bit different. I currently live in a studio apartment with a loft in Daejeon, South Korea. As a foreign English teacher through the EPIK program, my apartment is provided to me rent free by the educational institute that I am contracted through. So this is a huge plus for living and working in Korea through the EPIK program.

The video starts out with a semi-dramatic cinematic sequence, followed by a first person point of view tour of my apartment. So the viewer gets a real-time first person walk through of the apartment, starting with the entrance of the apartment. Many studio apartments in Korea are quite small in space, especially in bigger cities, so I got quite lucky to have been situated in an apartment that has more than enough space for a single person to live in.

Some of the notable features of this apartment are the high ceilings. Because the loft apartment provides extra space through a “second floor,” the ceiling is quite high. Another thing that is quite noticeable upon entering the space is the super large windows that almost cover the entire wall! This allows for a good amount of natural light to come into the apartment during the day, which gives the apartment a refreshing vibe.

As there are many foreigners around the world that are interested in moving to Korea one day, or are just curious about what it’s like living in Korea, this video will certainly give them some insight into one of the many types of Korean apartments that exist. Enjoy the tour!