It’s the annual sports day celebration here in Korea again! At my school we usually have these big sports day every 2 years but every year we have it as well but not as big. The kids have a great time because it takes up the entire day so they can just sit back enjoy and have fun without the worries of studies or tests.

That was funny when my students were chanting my name from the windows. They are so great! Korean names are so easy to chant because they all mostly have three syllables but they seemed to manage chanting my name just fine.
All the games are divided by grades. The easy and simple games are played by the younger kids and the more technique centered games and for the older kids. However, the final relay race is for all and that is the biggest highlight of the event.

It was such great luck to have beautiful weather considering a few days before it was raining every day. Our jobs as teachers were just to keep the kids organized and safe. I enjoyed watching the games however I wish that they would have had more games and just have the kids do the games in sections and rotate. We could only do one game at a time while the rest of the kids sat restless on the side watching them. Never the less, it was a great day and it seems like the kids had a lot of fun!