Here’s a glance at the Korean elementary school English speaking test. These kids are so adorable and cute. They do really say the darnedest things. Once a semester the school has a 1 on 1 English speaking test to determine their English speaking level. Most of the kids do well and get an A. It is so interesting to hear what the kids have to say especially when you give them a fairly open question which was just a self-introduction. Some of them were very confident and did an entire speech which they probably memorized from their English academy because they just sounded so robotic. And some others were so nervous that they started speaking Korean and didn’t even know they were speaking Korean. Listening to the kids can get repetitive and boring at times because you have to listen to the same thing over and over again but I try my best to entertain myself throughout the day. I do about three hundred students one at a time at about a 30 second per student pace. It is a lot of work but very doable. I really enjoy hearing all the fun and interesting things the kids tell me even though it can be very tedious and boring, I look forward to speaking test day!
After work I took a nice calming bike ride along the Han River (한강). The weather was so nice and soothing. A beautiful sunset and cool breeze. So happy to be living so close to the river.