Join me and my special guests devour some delicious Korean style duck in this mukbang episode. I’m joined by the boys of WeFancy and the crazy Michin Alex and had fun shooting this in a nice looking kitchen. We also discuss a couple of different tips and “rules” of Korean drinking culture, which we also demonstrate throughout the video.

Starting with the duck, we ordered two different styles of Korean duck. The first duck dish is called 오리백숙, which is a flavorful duck stew. The second duck dish was smoked duck. My only personal experience with duck from my recollection was in Chinatown in New York City many years ago, which was where I tried a duck pancake. So I was a bit nervous about whether I would like this or not, but to my surprise, both dishes were incredibly delicious. The duck stew was moist, hearty, and full of flavor. And the smoke duck was very tender and full of smokey taste. What made the entire meal come together was the delicious Korean rice win (막걸리), which went perfectly well with the duck meal.

During the mukbang, it was discovered that I was the oldest of the four, and Xander was the youngest (막내). In Korean tradition, we decided to follow some basic Korean drinking principles and use this time to educate the viewers who may not be aware. So consider this an culturally educational mukbang!

Be sure to check out the video to see which Korean culture tips we offer and also to see four guys humorously partake in a meal together.