This week I wanted to answer all the questions I have been getting on Facebook and Instagram about my university’s dorms. I have gotten so many questions and I think it’s because the new semester is going to start soon so I wanted to just answer them for all you guys in 1 videos. I start off talking about questions like how the dorms are, prices, rules, and meal plans. I think this can be really helpful to anyone considering living in the dorms here in any university in Korea because they are all similar in rules. They can be really different for the university rules that you might experience back home. They even have curfews that we have to follow and they have a point system that is annoying but understandable. Even with all the rules, life in the dorms isn’t too bad.
After talking about the questions I got about the dorms, I go into a little detail about my university life from last semester. Answering questions about the differences and everything that I personally experiences at this university. I really hope that this video was insightful and helpful for all the future students thinking about either coming to Chonnam National University, or just thinking about attending a university here in Korea.
Please feel free to leave questions about the things I didn’t answer and if I get enough, I will make another video to follow this one. Thanks everyone for the questions and see you guys in the next video~~