Korean picnics!
There are some interesting quirks to Korean picnics. Everyone brings tents! They aren’t camping there overnight, they only have tents up during the day and evening, but almost everyone brings a tent! When I’ve been on picnics in the countryside I’ve seen people grilling meat but for picnics along the Han river in Seoul people bring food like gimbap or order pizza or fried chicken. There are people handing out delivery flyers at the park (you can glimpse Hugh holding one) and you can call and have food delivered right to you. There are always convenience stores nearby too so it’s easy to buy more drinks and snacks.

A nice thing about picnics at the Han river is seeing a range of people. Lots of families with young kids, young adults, middle aged couples, and lots of older people. I showed some shots of the trot singing festival. Trot music is a certain style of music and is considered an early style of Korean pop music. Older people like it most as it’s what they grew up listening to.

We’ve been trying to make the most of the nice weather in Korea before it gets sweltering hot. At the moment, it’s hot during the day but cooler at night. Korean summers can be brutal! I feel like Korea in summer is a completely different country to Korea in winter. I’m trying to enjoy what I can before it’s too annoying!
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