Alex and Cameron meet up with the Arirang TV film crew to feast at a Korean convenience store!

There’s a new type of restaurant in Seoul these days – well, not really a restaurant…unless you make it one! Check out Alex and Cameron as they order WAY too much food and get full on all that convenience store food (don’t worry, the excess food wasn’t wasted – we shared it with the film team^^)

Who is Alex Sigrist?
That’s a good question, and we still don’t have a good answer for that…but here’s what we know! He came to Korea 8 years ago to experience life outside of America for just a year…but he never left. He works as a host and a producer at TBS eFM in Seoul – check out his show called “Line Six” everyday on the TBS app from 6pm to 8pm. He also has some work at EBS, both radio and TV. If you want to hear him on the radio, check out Morning Special at 8am KST – he’s on every Wednesday and Saturday! You can also find him on “Globetrotters”, which is the 10:30am Arirang TV program (that’s the film team that joined us for this episode^^)

And don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel – 미국친구 Michin Alex – and his Instagram (also michinalex) to enjoy Korean culture in all of his (sometimes childish) adventures 🙂

Who is Cameron Word?
He’s more than just a handsome tall man! Cameron is working on his Master’s degree at Korea University in Seoul. He does of bit of acting and modeling work – well, at least when his not working on grooming that perfect hair of his! Check out his Instagram: cameron.word

If you have the chance, try to feast on a budget at a Korean convenience store! It’s cheaper than a buffet^^

Have a great day!

Alex and Cameron