Do you want to know, how to make Korean DIY Convenience Store Cocktails? What kind of ingredients you need to make this delicious DIY Convenience Store Cocktails? Then you found the right video, where I collaborated with Ding Ding λ”©λ”© and Cathy μΊμ‹œ from the Youtube channel 빨간맛. Ding Ding and Cathy introduced three DIY Convenience Store Cocktails for 5 bucks each, which are not just very delicious but obviously also very cheap. After drinking a lot of Somek and Makgeolli in all my videos so far, I was curious about other variations of Korean drinks. For me the drinks were kinda too girlish but it was indeed very fun making them. I guess, it is more because of Ding Ding and Cathy, because both where really on fire and got drunk quickly during shooting! Haha!

As a sidedish we ordered Jokbal, which was really, really good. Who those who don’t know what Jokbal is. Jokbal (Braised pig’s trotters) is a Korean dish consisting of pig’s trotters cooked with soy sauce and spices.It is usually braised in a combination of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and rice wine. Additional ingredients used can include onion, leeks, garlic, cinnamon and black pepper. It is really the perfect side-dish, if you want to go out and have some drinks in Korea.

I really hope you enjoyed this indeed crazy Korean DIY Convenience Store Cocktails (the girlish edition) with the girls from 빨간맛! Check out their Youtube channel here. If you are interested in my life as a foreigner here in South Korea, please subscribe Mika in Korea for more videos! Also follow me on Instagram, Mika in Korea πŸ˜€

Thank you sooo much for watching and have a nice day! cheers Mika