Hello everyone! Jay and I decided to check out this cool comic cafe near our house! The name of it was “Chesire Comics”. It was really great :D. They had really cozy places to read where you could lay down with pillows and look out the window. The coffee wasn’t bad either! Although I didn’t focus on it, the cafe had a good selection of drinks and food. For example, teas, various lattes, soft drinks, and smoothies. For food they had simple snacks and also meals like bokumbap. I would like to go back later and see if the food is okay. You can choose the amount of hours you wish to stay. Jay and I just chose the 2 hour option which came with a drink. You can also pay for the whole day and just lounge around and read comics! One cool feature about this cafe is that it has a lot of outdoor space as well, so when it is less hot and humid I will bring my books outside. The staff was pretty friendly and there was a large selection of books!! One downside is that there aren’t any English books, but if you want a fun way to study Korean I suggest visiting a comic cafe and studying a Korean webtoon. Overall we really enjoyed our first comic cafe experience and hope to check it out again.

🙂 thanks for watching!

Hello! Welcome to my channel! This channel is about my life in Korea! I am a graduate student at Korea University, a teacher, and recently married! My husband and I love to travel and have the fluffiest dog with the biggest underbite! I hope you enjoy our videos ^^