What’s going on you guys, Garren your YouTube vlogger her in Korea! 희망농구 올스타 2017 On this day, we had the chance to go to a FREE charity basketball game at the Jamsil Sports Complex. I got tickets from my work. When we arrived it was a packed crowd. At first I thought that we weren’t going to be able to get in because the line to get in was very long. However we got in and was able to get some decent seats. The game was a little entertaining. The crowd was into it and chanting for their team. The teams were made of mixed celebrities and Korean basketball league players. As a foreigner I knew none of the celebrities or players but I still had a good time. It was interesting to see that they had cheerleaders and mascots doing time outs and half time show appearances. Then during the halftime show was when it got crazy for me. They scheduled some K-Pop group which I have no idea who they were. All of a sudden all of the fan girls came into the arena and started scream like there was no tomorrow. They all had like super cameras with long telephoto lenses taking pictures of them performing. It was so annoying and out of control. That was the only downside of that event otherwise we had a good time.
Then after that, I went to get my exercise and play some basketball (My nightly routine). I also had the chance to go to Flying Bowl in Yeouido. This is a burger and pizza place and it was AWESOME! The burgers tasted like a high quality Egg Mc’muffin. Also the pizza was great.