You guys have been asking and I finally did it. I found a unique cafe right here in Gwangju. I usually go to fun cafes that are in Seoul because there are just so many interesting ones but this time I decided to stay a little closer to home. Ryan and I went to visit a really fun cafe where you get to just play with legos. I grew up never having legos so this was super exciting for me. It is also a really great and reasonable price. When you walk in, you make your drink order (which by the way, amazing drinks!) and then they give you a booklet. In the booklet, they show you all the possible designs that you can choose too build. Don’t worry if you come here with little ones, they have easy sets for the kids also. We picked Wall-e as our set because we wanted a hard one haha.
So how it work! You start off with an hour to set it up. If you go over the time, don’t worry! You can easily add 30 minutes for a small fee. They prices are in the bio of the youtube video. For us, it took us about 2 hours to finish our set because we completely lost track of time and took some short breaks. Unfortunately, you don’t get to take the set home with you but the process of building the set is so much fun. We laughed so hard and had a really great time.

This place is perfect for families, dates, or just bored and want something to do. I would recommend you guys to go check this place out. It is really worth a visit. Thanks for watching!