Did you every eat Sundaeguk (순댓국)? Sundaeguk is a Korean Blood Sausage Soup, where Sundae is put into a soup. I are Sundae a lot of times but I really never tried to eat it with a soup. So this was literally the first time for me trying to eat Blood Sausage Soup. My friend Dom from the popular Korean Learning Channel Dom & Hyo joined me at this Korean Sundaeguk Mukbang, since this is one of his favorite Korean dishes.

And surprisingly the Sundaeguk (순댓국) was really good. Although I was worried I wouldn’t like it, I really did. Also we were lucky with the Sundaeguk Restaurant in Hongdae, which served a really good Sundaeguk, which also Dom liked very much. He has his own favorite place in Incheon, which I will visit later for sure, when I go there to visit Dom & Hyo.

As a topic we talked about Christmas in Korea, how it feels for foreigners and how foreigners celebrate Christmas in South Korea. Since it is more couple day for Koreans, especially Westerners miss the Christmas feeling and celebration they had at home.

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