Looking for a relaxing weekend – off the beaten track, away from the overload of tourists? Then Yeongyang Traditional Hanok Doodle Village is the perfect place to go. 두들마을 (Doodle Village), which literally means ‘village on a hill’ is located on the east of Andong. It was the perfect escape from the busy city we’re constantly rushing though; day after day. No reliable wifi, fresh air, healthy food, no late night snacks – what more is there you need to relax? The Hanok stays in the village are amazing, great floor heating, soft floor mattresses, board games and private bathrooms.

You can easily get to the village by public transport. Take the bus from Dong Seoul to Yeongyang or from Andong to Yeongyang. Form Yeongyang bus terminal there is a direct bus towards the Doodle village. This will take around 1h as the village is located in the middle of nowhere.

Something noteworthy about the village; madam Jang wrote the first cook book ever written in East Asia right here. A culinary traditional Yeongyang is still treasuring, and sharing with their public.

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