I got a wonderful opportunity to go on an amazing trip to Gangwon province with a bunch of youtubers this last weekend. it was such a fun trip. I have never been here before so it seemed like a wonderful chance to finally go there. I live in Gwangju as you all know, so I had to wake up at 3:00 to take a 4:00 bus so that I can get to the meet up spot in Seoul by 9:00….. Why did I do this you might ask? Because I’m stupid and wanted to try to save money on a hotel room hahaha.

Anyways, I made it to the meet up spot and right from there, we headed t the first place. It was a bridge…. not just any bridge…. a suspended bridge… not just a suspended bridge, a suspended bridge with a glass floor. Guy I am afraid of both deep water and heights. This was very terrifying to me. I think the only part that made me feel calm was the fact that there was a beautiful view t look at. It was really an unbelievable sight. What brought me back to the fear was people jumping on the glass…. yeah that didn’t help at all.

Thankfully I didn’t die and we were back on the bus heading to get some lunch. The lunch was soooo good guys. I think the closest English translation I can come up with is chicken veggie stir fry. It is a very popular dish in Korea and I eat it all the time around campus but they do it best here. It was so good and when you feel you have eaten enough of it alone, they add rice to it and make fried rice. So when you eat this, you must must must leave room for that rice because it taste sooo good.

To end the video, we got a little gift of olympic themed stuff. Out of it all, my favorite part was the cute mascot pin! I still have it on my coat now. They have 2 olympic mascots this year that I explain about in the video. I got the bear pin.

This is just part one to the trip, so look forward to the rest of the videos coming up next week. Thanks so much for watching guys