What is Korea really like?

This is another video that is like a podcast where we chat about a few things. The topic is about what it’s really like in Korea because there can be a lot of misconceptions around. Sometimes people who lived in Korea quite a while ago answer people’s questions online and the answers aren’t always correct any more. Korea is rapidly changing! Even in just a few years there are so many changes, not just in development and technology but cultural attitudes and interactions.

We talk about plastic surgery and some misconceptions people outside of Korea might have, for example, that everyone in Korea has plastic surgery. While there is a lot of plastic surgery and it’s good quality and easy to get, the statistics of plastic surgery can also include minor treatments for skin which in English we wouldn’t necessarily consider plastic surgery. So when there are statements saying that a huge amount of Koreans have plastic surgery we need to also consider what is considered that. Also many people travel to Korea to have plastic surgery which can affect statistics.

We also chat about the differences in how Korean homes are portrayed on TV, and especially in commercials, and what they are like in reality. As well as how much Kpop is actually in Korea and how easy is it to see a Kpop start?

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