Sometimes things end up happening for a reason for you to be able to meet certain people in life. Well, I believe that all of what happened that night allowed me to show up to the party at the perfect time. Even though I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the shock that I went through that day, I say take your time and be patient in all things. I wanted so badly to get to my friend’s party that I wasn’t being as careful as I usually am. Being a single mom can cause you to end up with a lot of injuries and scars from protecting your baby/ ies and that night was no different. Join me on the adventure of how I hurt myself, the journey to finding new tights, the random people I talked to on the street, and some other interesting things. This video was done live right after I got all patched up from the incident, so it is a little all over the place, but I think that you will enjoy seeing how I handled the whole situation. Some of you may be shocked by what I ended up doing and how I decided to walk around, but if you were in that situation with ashy (dry) legs, I think you probably would have done the same thing, too. It is one of those nights that I will remember for a very long time. I hope you all enjoy it and please remember to hit that subscribe button.