Do you know that Seoul has much more creatives than it looks from first sight? Content creators, Photographers, Models, Dancers, DJs, Makeup artists and other creative people of all kinds live in Seoul, but are often forgotten and
are drowned by the impact of mainstream media, which often portrays only one kind of beauty as well as only one kind of creativity.
KONTRAST Seoul is a new project, created with an intention of helping all those creative people collaborate, come together and enjoy the moment. It is basically a showcase, which designs a space for content collaboration creation. People throw away their egos and communicate with each other despite their differences. Here, subscriber count, your appearance, your life views – it does not matter at all. The main idea of this project is to encourage human communication and create something together.
It is Project brought to people by a project “gukfukkinkoffii”, which manages “Paper Street”Cafe in Seoul. Since I really like the atmosphere people working there create, I am a regular in that cafe. This is how I found out about this project – the first showcase just happened to take place, when I was just hanging out in a cafe. Back then I just observed and for the second one, I applied as a model. Despite me being plus sized, I was accepted and we joined the event as content creators as well.
We actually stayed only in the first half of the showcase, which consisted of a photoshoot, DJ battles, and some networking. In the evening they had even more performances and great artists coming together!
I am very thankful for this opportunity, which was kind of a challenge for me! This short video introduces the project itself and shows what I personally did there as well. Enjoy 🙂