Hello everyone! Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is out in theaters. I’m pretty much a sucker for any movie that talks about King Arthur and that time period so I new I was going to watch this film. Although, I must admit that I didn’t go into the film with high expectations after seeing some of the trailers.

In this version of King Arthur, as a child his family is murdered and he is orphaned. He grows up in a brothel and as he gets older, he makes a name for himself. He eventually has to take the sword and try to gain his rightful place as king. Well, that’s the gist of the story anyway.

As for the acting, everyone in the film did a great job. I actually quite enjoyed seeing Charlie Hunan as King Arthur and Jude Law played the villain quite well. He could have easily made this character way over the top, but he decided to make his villain more human to the point of almost feeling sorry for him.

The one thing that really took me out of the film was the CGI. There were some action scenes where they rely heavily on CGI and it just looked cartoonish. I was a bit disappointed by it and wish they would have left the CGI out and made the action sequences with practical effects.

However, I enjoyed the film. From beginning to end I was entertained. Guy Ritchie’s shooting and editing style made for a really fun version of this story. It you like Guy Ritchie’s films and style, you might enjoy this film. You can certainly turn off your brain while watching it.