Ever wanted to go from FARM-to-FACE with your kimchi?
Probably not, but now that I’ve said that, you’re probably a bit curious, right? As you should be!
Plus, do it with a singer from a kpop group. Yeaaaaaaah that’s right Frankie from EXP EDITION and I went out to Yangpyeong to grab some lettuce, unearth some radish, and pick a fight with a rooster (that little piece of s***).

We rocked our best flirtation skills with the lovely ajummas who helped us with the process – because let’s be honest, I’m pretty worthless on my own when it comes to preparing food.
Would I recommend it? Hell yea, I’d give this trip 5 sojus out of 5. And not soju shots, I mean the whole freakin’ bottle!

We also ate suyook (수육), which I’m pretty sure is just the esoteric way of saying bossam (보쌈: Korean steamed pork). That was good too.

Shout out to the Arirang team. Although they were filming for the tv show, this YouTube video would not have been possible without them. They made the reservations and took care of our camera when we weren’t able to do it ourselves.

YO! By the way, Frankie’s group has a new music video called “STRESS” – check that out!

“STRESS” MV: https://youtu.be/28S377-hmzI

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~ Michin Alex ~

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