Living in Korea you sometimes buy beauty products simply out of curiosity and not necessarily out of necessity but nonetheless … I have a lot. Some might call me a hoarder but I like to think I’m a beauty explorer. Sometimes the packaging just speaks to me or that certain items are pretty affordable so I end up just throwing it in my cart. I will say I’m always trying to achieve skin perfection and have found that sometimes Korean skincare products are definitely the way to go (at least for my skin). I have found drastic skin improvements with some of the skincare products in this video. At the same time I also found products I never even want to look at ever again. While this video leans heavily on my most recent skincare empties I’m also well known for loving the makeup products here in Korea as well. While your skin is your best accessory that doesn’t mean it can’t look even more flawless with a little TLC and a generous amount of foundation *Insert cushion patting action here*. I tried to keep a diversity of products and brands in this video but let me know if there are any particular brand products you are curious about and maybe I can try them out in my next video. Here I talk about products from some of the most well known and popular brands here in Korea including (but not limited to): Innisfree, Missha, Faceshop, Moonshot, and then some surprise brands you might not have expected. Also let me know if you want to even see a next video!