Hey Guys!
Welcome back to Boyz On Tour!
On today episode Alex and I explore many popular areas of Kyoto. We began our day with delicious fluffy pancakes from Rhinebeck. Pancakes in Japan are on a whole other level. They aren’t flat, they’re more like fluffy cake. So soft and delightful. I ordered the banana caramel, which was a bit too sweet but still tasty and Alex ordered something with cheese. I thought his was better. After having breakfast, we took a stroll along Philosopher’s Path to enjoy some nature and the stream that runs along there. Although the weather was quite hot, there were plenty of trees along the path that kept us cool. We also ran into some cute cats that were just enjoying the day along the stream. Afterwards, we stopped by Heian Shrine then walked on over to Boloniya Bakery from some amazingly soft slices of breads. Because we only had mainly snacks for meals we wanted to find a place to eat but failed and ended up eating at 7-eleven. Which wasn’t so bad, much better than the convenient stores back in the States. Nishiki Market was our next stop for food. Although it was tasty, it wasn’t cheap. We ended up at a match dessert place called Saryo Tsujiri. REALLY GOOD MATCHA PARFAIT! For actual dinner we stopped by Teppanya Tavern, a local joint that’s popular with locals and tourist. We enjoyed many different Japanese style bar foods. To end the night Alex and I went to a candle lit bar to have a couple of beers. I hope you guys enjoy this one!