Hi again! This is Lina Woo, Korean girl living in Seoul, Korea.
Hola de nuevo! Soy Lina Woo, una coreana que vive en Seul, Corea del sur.

Do you like K-drama? Have you ever seen one or heard of one?
Te gusta K-drama? Has visto alguno?

This week me and my Korean youtuber friends made an interesting video. We made a short K-DRAMA on our own hahaha!
Esta semana mis amigos coreanos que son youtubers y yo hicimos un video interesante. Hicimos un corto K-drama!

This video is the first episode of the drama and there will be two episodes in total. I wrote the script myself and it was the most cringiest experience ever writing it! Hahahaha…
Este video es el primer episodio de drama y van a haber 2 episodios en total.

BUT! While filming we had a lot of fun and so much laughter. Hope you like the video and don’t forget to subscribe and Like!
Also check out the other youtubers channels as well in the description.
Fue muy divertido y gracioso haciendolo. Espero que les guste y no se olvidan de suscribirse y darme un Like.

Even though my videos are in Spanish, I think you can understand this video since it’s in Korean and the situations are pretty obvious :).

In my channel I cover Korean culture, language, people and my life.
Thank you for reading and hope you have a happy Sunday and a great start of the week!
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