I’ve started series on my channel called “Journey To Clear Skin”. I’ve always had an interest in skincare but I actually don’t know all that much about. Now enough to recommend product or advice others what to do. So this is my way of getting into skincare. I figured this way I can track my progress and share things that I learn and put them into practice to see if these methods I find work. Vlog 2 is about one week since I started the first vlog. Throughout the week I did some research about skincare and what causes acne and what methods I can do to prevent acne. Although I was learning a lot I was getting overwhelmed by all the knowledge about skincare. There’s just so much to it! It’s really more like chemistry on your face. Having to know your skin type and the products that’ll be beneficial for you and also what products work well together and products that you shouldn’t use together. Errrghhhh! It’s frustrating just writing about it. So to keep my mind in order and to keep me from going insane in trying to remember everything I use a notebook to write down what I’ve learned and products that are recommended and why these YouTubers recommend them. Before I would buy products just because so and so was using it, not knowing if it was actually good for my skin type or not. Now I’m trying to do more research into the products I purchase before I go out and buy them. Aside from the products and the actual skincare routine, I’ve made changes to my diet by cutting back on sugar and cutting out dairy. I’ve also made more efforts to include more antioxidants and omega-3s into my diet. It’s only been a week so not much has changed but I’m looking forward to seeing how my skin changes through this journey.