Journey to clear skin:
Hey guys! I’m starting a new series on my channel and I’m calling it “Journey to clear skin”. Before coming to Korea the second time around I found myself watching a lot of skincare gurus on YouTube. So from there that really got me interested in Korean skincare and I wanted to partake in making videos about it because I also have trouble with acne, oily skin and other concerns about the face. However, I’m not too knowledgeable about skincare. I usually just watch the videos and buy whatever they recommend, not really knowing if it’s the right product for my skin type or what kind of ingredients those products contain. But recently I discovered a youtuber by the name of Liah Yoo 리아유 and I believe she was sent from the skincare gods to teach us all what it is we need to know about skincare. She’s extremely informative and entertaining to watch. I binged watched a lot of her videos because I just couldn’t get enough. And so because of her I started this series Journey to clear skin-JTCS to document the things that I learn about skincare and the progress that I make. I know a lot of people are aware that they should take care of their face but are just unsure of where to begin because there’s just so much information out there and just all kinds of product. It can definitely be overwhelming. I’m overwhelmed. I want to show others that they aren’t alone in the confusion.