Do you know what Jokbal (족발) is? It is a very popular Korean dish, which is mostly eating at the evening together with drinking some Soju. If you are from Germany or Austria, it is very similar to „Schweinshaxe“ or „Stelze“. My Korean wife Sujin really loves Jokbal a lot, so we decided to go to a well known Jokbal restaurant in Sindorim in our neighborhood and eat some delicious Korean food. Luckily we came a lil bit after the lunch break after 2am, so they just opened the place and we had the whole restaurant for ourselves, what was perfect for shooting my vlog. We ordered two version of Jokbal, the normal one and one spicy one, which was really, really spicy but still, very delicious. Like i mentioned, you usually enjoy Jokbal in the evening with some drinking, so we couldn’t resist and ordered some Soju. But because we didn’t eat a proper breakfast on that day, we got quickly very drunk with just one bottle of Soju. But you will see that in my video at the end anyway, kkkk 😀

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