Me and Jay went to visit Jeonju over the weekend! It was our second time visiting there and we had a blast. Jeonju is famous for its traditional village, street food, and mageoli (korean rice wine). The first time we went to Jeonju was to adopt my dog Teddy! He was abandoned in this city and was being held in a small cage. We went to the rescue center and took him home with use to Seoul. We decided to revisit the city with our dog . We were lucky to find a place that allowed dogs ^^ and they even watched our dog for us when we went to the Mageoli restaurant. Jeonju is a beautiful city that I highly recommend! We stayed mostly near the Hanok village but we also visited the Mageoli street, and rail bike! I hope that you enjoy this video .

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Hello everyone! I am a Canadian who is living in Seoul ! I first came here in 2012 as an exchange student and now I am a graduate student at Korea University! I am also teaching English and doing a variety of other things while living here. I love to travel, but for now my travel is manly domestic (different parts of Korea). This year I am going to get married to my Korean fiancée Jay <3 who I have been with for the past 3 1/2 years. Overall my channel is just about my life in Seoul! I hope you check it out ^^