Happy Chuseok holiday!

During this year’s Chuseok holiday in South Korea, my friend Judy and I went to Jeju-do. Jeju is known as the “Hawaii” of Korea. With the week long holiday, it was very difficult to travel outside of Korea if you hadn’t booked tickets months ahead. Thanks to Air Busan for managing more available flights which allowed Judy and I to instantly book to Jeju.

One thing I HIGHLY recommend to any foreigners visiting Jeju-do is to get your International Driver’s License. You can EASILY obtain it at your nearest AAA office. Unfortunately, Judy and I had completely forgotten to do that when we visited home during our summer vacation. Even then, we didn’t think we’d catch a good flight to Jeju because during that time tickets were going as high as $1000 round trip. Pretty insane, don’t you think?

After doing much research and asking our friends where the best location to stay in Jeju, Judy and I decided to spend the first couple of nights in Jeju City at the Jeju Oriental & Casino Hotel. I absolutely enjoyed it! They had great service and the hotel was clean. Also, the hotel faces the ocean and is just around the corner of downtown Jeju.

On our first day, Judy and I decided to just relax and enjoy downtown along with the famous Jeju black pork for dinner. We were hoping to find a coin noraebang (karaoke), but there wasn’t one nearby so we settled with a norae room that was a tad sketchy. We sang our hearts out and then ended the night just settling in. Check out JEJU DAY ONE!