From the first day I started using bluetooth headphones I can’t use those wired ones anymore.
And in today’s video I want to share with you my experience of using this 2 pairs of Bluetooth hand phones.
This video is not sponsored in any way.
JBL Reflect Mini BL – 86$
Jesbod QY12 – 25$
So this one is like 3 times more expensive but does they worth the price? Lets see..
I bought these JBL Reflect Mini about half year ago. I watched many reviews and stuff, people loved them and recommended a lot. And I was super satisfied with them for like half year. They have this awesome shape of the bud which is so comfortable and sits so well in your ear without much positioning, You don’t need to tweak them at all. And it will never jump out during training. The wire is just enough long, it doesn’t really bother you when you are running or lifting weights, and they have like 7-8 hours of play time.
So you would probably ask why would I buy another pair?
Well, because they broke! This tiny little wire frayed through. And now I can here sound just from left bud. I have no idea how to repair it, but anyway in Korea it would cost me around 40$. And it made me thinking- yes, they are cool headphones, but do I want to pay 90$ like every 2 month? Cos I train a lot – I do boxing, running, train with weights and so on. And if you do sports a lot that wire will eventually fray through.
So it led me to buying these Jesbod QY12 – for 25$ ( link in description). If these one break I will just buy another pair without hesitation.
Watch the video to find out why I love Jesbod QY12 more that JBL nimi from now on.