On my search to seek the best Japanese Ramen in Korea, I visited a place called Hanamokoshi Ramen. This place serves chicken style ramen and a chicken style broth. In this episode of ramen adventures in korea, I visited this place on a Saturday. Finding this place was extremely difficult since it is tucked away behind an alleyway with minimal signs. Upon entering the shop, I was greeted by two Japanese workers. The customers ate silently while I looked for a place to sit. To the opposite side of the counter I spotted a noodle making machine for the employees to make noodles from scratch. Upon sitting down, I was given a menu in Japanese and Korean but I already knew what I wanted. The tori ramen (bird ramen) was recommended to me and I quietly asked for that. After being offered a glass of water, I sat quietly for a few minutes while my ramen was prepared. Once the finished bowl was handed to me, I was excited for a taste. The broth looked creamy and thick, the chicken was cut in perfect portions and the green onion added a splash of color. I usually first try the egg, if provided, and thought it was meh. There was nothing special because it was dry with not much flavor. The noodles, however, are the shining topic of this dish. I have tried many Japanese style soba and this one blew me away. Thin with a great texture and paired great with the creamy broth. The broth was filling and was full of flavor. I was extremely pleased with this ramen since most ramen in Seoul is catered to the Korean taste. This was one of the most authentic Japanese Ramens in Seoul, thus far.