Hello, this is Gyu and Agata and we’re back with our last video from Japan!

This time, we wanted to show you our final moments during our first trip abroad together! We have visited Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Akihabara during our last two days in Tokyo.

The first place to see was Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, where two free-of-charge observations decks are located. Since more and more tourists started going there because it as more reasonable than going up to the Tokyo Tower or Tokyo SkyTree, both observation decks were named as “Tokyo Sky View” and now attract as many tourists as Lotte Tower or Namsan Mountain attract in Seoul 🙂

After that, we have visited one of the biggest parks in the area and took a peaceful walk there. Even though our last day in Tokyo seemed a little lazy, we walked more than 10km on foot on that day!

In the evening, before heading to our hotel, we have decided to take a walk around Akihabara, which was the closest neighborhood to where we stayed, and we just happened witness one of the most exciting attractions in Tokyo – Mario Kart riders in the street. To be honest, we were planning to ride those cute little cars on our own, but after realizing we needed to have an international driver’s license, we gave up on that. At least seeing them on the streets of Akihabara improved our mood.

On the last day, before taking the flight back to Seoul, we decided to eat at one of the most famous Ramen restaurants in Tokyo. It is famous for the legendary “Monster Ramen” bowls, but we were not confident enough to order that much, so we just went for regular sized ramen, which was as tasty as expected.

Being tired and unconcentrated, made us almost lose our luggage on the way home, but thank’s to the kind man, we were saved.

This is how our trip to Japan has ended. From now on, we will continue with our regular Korean contents and bring you more fun footage from our future trips!

Thank you for watching!