We’re back on track with our Japan trip edition videos!

Second part of our travel vlog is about us, walking up to the Tokyo Tower (but instead of going up just looking at it from Shiba Park temple area), walking on feet all the way up to the Imperial Palace, which apparently was impossible to go into, roaming around the old Asakusa area, which reminded us of the Insadong street in Seoul at lot, accidentally finding the cutest Owl cafe ever and walking all the way to the Tokyo SkyTree just to take some rest at the Starbucks! We finished our Vlog with some views from the fee of charge Observatory just beside Tokyo Dome. The night view was literally amazing!

Even though Japan Trip: Part 2 Vlogs consist of only 2 days worth of footage, we have visited quite a lot of touristy objects in a short time. We never wanted to go up neither to Tokyo Tower nor to the Tokyo Sky tree because instead, we decided to see a similar or even better view from the government observatories. One of those is located next to the Tokyo Dome and another, the most famous one is in Shinjuku. If you will be patient, and wait for our Japan Vlog part 3, you can see how we spent some time there as well 🙂

Personally, I liked the Owl Cafe the most. There are few Owl Cafes in Tokyo, but we visited one in Asakusa. They have cute owls, other birds, and animals, but the baby we were impressed by was definitely a Capybara. Did you know that Capybara is the largest living rodent in the world and is considered to be the friendliest animal in the world since it gets along well with any other species? Even though it might not look so cute at first, it is definitely a lovely animal to hang out with.

Did you like our Vlog? Which places were your favorite? What do you think is overrated? Leave us a comment below^^

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