Alex and Cameron are back hanging out with the Arirang TV film crew check out a cool restaurant trend in Seoul – Camping restaurants! Camping restaurants are popping up all around the Seoul area, with the chance to have a barbecue inside the city limits too appealing to pass up.

Real camping is hard to find in Korea, and even harder to find in Seoul. So for a fraction of the time it takes to get out of the city and find the nearest wilderness area, you can still enjoy a good old-fashioned barbecue with lots of meat…and of course, soju^^

The samgyeopsal was so soft it basically melted in our mouths. The ribs were delicious. The sausages delicious as they were actually grilled the right way. And I definitely recommend the Hallasan soju ~ it’s one of my favorites in Korea!

Alex Sigrist currently is working in Korea as a TV personality, radio host and producer, and a YouTube. You can check him out on his YouTube channel – 미국친구 Michin Alex – or his Instagram (also michinalex) to see what he does in his daily life in Korea. But we warned ~ you may fall in love with Korea ?

Cameron Word is a graduate student at Korea University and met Alex through the power of obsessive internet addiction… That’s right… they like each other ALL THE TIME on Instragram. It’s like their second hobby. You can follow Cameron on his Instragram at Cameron.word

PS – Stay tuned to the end of the video as Cameron and Alex again get “drunk” and …yea, you know the rest.

Have a good day, everyone!