Hi everyone, this is Kenny and Lara from GooseBumps!
Two weeks ago we uploaded our first video in the new YouTube channel. It was only a teaser, but the reaction was a lot better than expected. This week we have brought you the introduction of the channel as a mini “gift”, in order to explain what we are going to do in this channel, what we will talk about and when the videos will be uploaded (every Saturday at 7pm, Korean time, by the way ㅋㅋㅋ).
We are so excited to start this new project together but you all know how difficult it is at the beginning, so we hope you guys can support us by sharing if you like the content.
Since we are an international Spanish and Korean couple (and no, do not worry, my friends, the channel is NOT all hearts and rainbows and love all around), we decided to make the videos in English, but put Korean AND Spanish subtitles (you just need to click the CC button).
Para los que hablan Español, tenemos subtítulos en Castellano con solo pulsar CC (o el botón de subtítulos de YouTube)

한국어 자막은 비디오 아래에 CC를 (아니면 유튜브 자막 버튼을) 눌러주시면 돼요.

We already explain it in the video, however, the channel content will actually be very diverse, based on our lifestyle and whatever we come across in our daily lives.

We will be living all sorts of adventures around Korea and (hopefully) travelling around, so come join us and don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell button to keep up to date with every new adventure we live!