You might like KPOP and are wondering how are the process to be part in this industry? You’ve always seen the foreground of KPOP but never knew what was going on behind the stage?

Jojo is a 19 years old, phillipino american student who is living in Korea since about 2 years. She started to dance and sing since she was 4 years old when she was in America. Being passionate by KPOP and Korean culture when she was young, she came all the way to Korea to follow her favorite artist’s path, BoA. Her biggest dream is to become a KPOP star like BoA who is an inspiration to her. She wants especially to do what she loves like express herself and inspire people through dance and music.

Here is an interview where she is talking about any aspects of this industry. It’s definitely not an easy world where everything is already formatted. She will explain about how to attend auditions run by the big companies like SMTown of JYP. We will also discuss about the discrimination that foreigners face in this industry and see how is it possible to overcome some obstacles. And we will also talk about the plastic surgery topic which seems to be too involved in this industry.
She delivers a really inspiring message to share with the world and we wish her good luck for the future to achieve that dream!

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