This is the beautiful love story of my interracial parents love story as told by my mother. My African-American father and Korean mother met in the United States in the 1980. My mother, a Seoul native, immigrated to the United States along with her family in 1980 and settled in New Jersey, where they would live amongst a growing Korean-Immigrant population.

My mom tells the story of how she met my Father in what seemed to be chance, though I like to believe it was fate. Soon after their initial meeting, they dated for 4 years and ended up getting married and starting a family, the first child being ‘your truly.’

Being an interracial couple in 2019, though it’s more common to see in many parts of the world, is still sometimes frowned upon, shamed, and just plain misunderstood. Imagine a world 40 years ago that my parents lived in when they got into their interracial relationship. My mom eloquently shares the challenges that she and my father faced in the beginning of their relationship and marriage. Much of the backlash came from my mom’s own family, who did not approve of their relationship. She even talks about a time where her oldest brother blatantly told her to not tell anyone that she was his little sister. Even my grandmother, who would eventually grow to accept and even love my father, showed hatred and disapproval towards my father.

My mother tells her story much better than I ever could, so watch the video to see how things turned out for our family.