Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel! Jay and I decided to finally tell the story of how we met each other. A lot of people from my hometown and friends in Korea ask me this question. People often assume that I met Jay when I first came to Korea as an exchange student, but actually I met him in Canada. He was in Canada for a working holiday and to study English. As for me, I had just come home to graduate from my undergrad degree. I was missing my life in Korea and was slowly losing the Korean skill that I had accumulated. So I was looking for a language exchange because my town had no Korean classes. He was looking for an inexpensive way to study English. Luckily I stumbled upon his post and the rest is history… We had very different first impressions of each other, but it all seemed to work out in the end . It is amazing how people can meet! My town is not a super popular destination for study abroad programs, but yet he choose to come there at the exact time I needed him ^^! We didn’t study much, but from casual conversation we were able to improve our languages a lot and are now happily married!
My channel is about exploring Korea, Seoul, traveling and being in an international relationship! If you are interested in any of these topics then please subscribe! I try to post videos once or twice a week, but after my graduation (this spring/summer) I will be uploading more frequently !! Nice to meet you!