Usually, when people are watching Youtube, they tend to think, that a life, their favorite influencers show is their actual real life. But sometimes people forget, that not everything we see though our conputer screens is real and most of the times, footage you see i people’s Vlogs is just the highlights of their life.

When it comes to our videos, we usually try to stay as real as possible, because we think that pretending to be someone you are not is not going to bring you anywhere.

Therefore, we have noticed that most of our vlogs are also not really illustrating our real life. This is normal, because we are usually Vlogging when we have a day off, go on a trip or have some kind of a special event to show you.

But this time we decided to open up even more and share a video, which illustrates our day to day life much better thant a travel Vlog.

For a few recent monhts both of us were really busy – me with writing my thesis and Gyu with his work. This is the main reason why we are more and more late with our uploads for the past few weeks. Deadlines are hitting hard and we don’t even have time to think of new video ideas.

This is why this time we decided to make a vlog, showing our real life. Gyu is usually working on the weekends and if he needs some help, I am always up to work together and learn some of his videography skills.

I hope you can enjoy this casual Vlog! Thank you!