I’m happy to begin shining some more light on my city of Daejeon. This past weekend, me and some of my EPIK teacher friends spent the day hanging out in the Eunhaeng-dong (은행동) district, which is a popular district for shopping, Korean street food, and great bars and pubs. We started out at Skyroad, which is a great area with tons of shopping and food. We started out with some lunch at Han’s Deli, which gave us energy to walk around a bit, take a stab at some claw machines at an arcade, and get our brain juices flowing as we took a stab at doing an “escape the room” challenge (which we accomplished with 3 minutes to spare by the way).

There was one well known Hanok (하녹) cafe that we wanted to check out called 알라하녹 and it lived up to our expectations in regards to aesthetics and good drinks. I features Korean traditional inspired architecture and design, along with a really nice atmosphere to purchase delicious coffees, teas, and sweets. I personally tried the carrot cake and it was great!

As me and my friends sat outside to enjoy the rest of our Saturday afternoon, we discuss about our experiences as English teachers in Korea and share how we’ve adjusted to life in Korea after about three months. We discuss some awesome aspects about teaching in Korea, living in Korea, as well as some challenges and how to overcome them. Check out the video for more insight into our lives as EPIK English teachers.