Hey Soul Fam! Talk about timing! As soon as this video was uploaded onto YouTube, about 1001 (or should it be 101?!) things Wanna One/Produce 101 related got thrown onto the Internet including official SNS accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), news about the official Daum cafe and fanclub membership (poised to be ₩20,000 for sign up) and a competition between Innisfree and YMC Entertainment to win tickets to the Produce 101 concert in July thanks to the Wanna One members being the new face of the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Masks! Which is what I am reviewing!

These are fast being sold out EVERYWHERE in Korea, including online (it doesn’t help that in store they are doing special 2+1 deals right now) but I managed to grab myself three packs whilst out on an excursion in Itaewon. Now I am not a beauty vlogger by any means but I thought it would be fun to do a fun review of the masks in the vein of being a Wanna One fan… and also out of curiousity also to see if they were actually worth purchasing.

And personally, I think they are! Each mask has its own properties that they supposed to work on (and there are seven different masks/colours altogether). Whether they work on those actual elements will be something that I will have to see in the long term but it is nice to mix and match the masks in general to give yourself a colourful face and they are rather relaxing. I do love Innisfree products! Try to grab yourself a bunch before the advertising powers of Wanna One causes these to sell out in a matter of DAYS!